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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Restaurant of the Month - February - Besito's

I would like to post about restaurants I really enjoy on this LONG island of ours, some of us call home. These posts will always be places I like and recommend. I am not a food critic. I go to places and like them because of the decor, comfort, food & most importantly if they make good cocktails!

This week's pick is "Besito's"

I have been to both of their places (Huntington & Roslyn) though I do somewhat like the romantic look of Huntington better, I live very close to Roslyn and started frequenting there more often

During my over 2 dozen visits I have tried a variety of dishes and I am always pleased at the presentation and the tastes. This is not any typical Mexican restaurant, this is what I call gourmet Mexican food. Almost every time I have gone I love each dish it is hard for me to recommend just one thing. I do always like to enjoy the Guacamole freshly made at the table. I do know my favorite cocktail is by far the "Pomegranate Frozen Margarita"! Do try this drink!
Besito's won BEST of LONG ISLAND 2012 - for Mexican, Margarita, & Mojito. So this truely means you can't go wrong making a reservation here. Reservations can easly be made at http://www.opentable.com/
For more info on Besito's visit their website - https://www.besitomex.com/

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