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Hi, I am Deborah and "I LOVE NYC". I was lucky enough to move back for 2 years 2010-2012 and lived like a tourist in NYC for those two years in the Hudson Yards area at 505W37. Right now I reside on Long Island but stay at different hotels in NYC a few times a year. I hope to move back soon.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Hour of the Month....

This months winner for me was Poco Loco located in Roslyn!

My mouth was watering for a Margarita one Friday night at around 5pm. So I stepped into Poco Loco's bar located on the upper street level and sat myself down and ordered their Frozen Margaritas. These Margarita's are delicious and strong in my standards of searching LI & NYC for best Margaritas - (you can check out my winner for NYC at my other blog - http://debsnewyorkcity.blogspot.com/2011/03/in-search-of-best-margarita-happen-to.html )
So I sat myself down in the line of a mixed age group sitting at the bar on Friday night, drinking Margaritas, with my friend that night being my Iphone to read as I drink. I was given a bowl of chips & salsa and after my second Frozen Margarita I asked for my bill. To my surprise my bill was $8.00! How could this be!? These were large, strong, delicious Margaritas! The bartender informed me that they had Happy Hour - Monday to Friday - from 4pm-7pm with half off drinks. She also told me that the bar area accepts any coupons for food you may have from Restaurant.com or other sources eating at the bar area. Wow what a deal! She also told me ladies night is Thursday and we get 1/2 price drinks all night!

So if heading out and you want an excellent tasting Margarita for 1/2 off you may want to consider Poco Loco! Oh and at the bar they offer $5.00 appetizers too!
Fun historic fact for town of Roslyn. Poco Loco use to be a harness shop. Check out the picture below

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Pet Peeve of the Month

People that litter! Why would you want to ruin something so beautiful like this?
Come on people think twice before you toss your litter out your car window or why walking along this beautiful island.

Restaurant of the Month - February - Besito's

I would like to post about restaurants I really enjoy on this LONG island of ours, some of us call home. These posts will always be places I like and recommend. I am not a food critic. I go to places and like them because of the decor, comfort, food & most importantly if they make good cocktails!

This week's pick is "Besito's"

I have been to both of their places (Huntington & Roslyn) though I do somewhat like the romantic look of Huntington better, I live very close to Roslyn and started frequenting there more often

During my over 2 dozen visits I have tried a variety of dishes and I am always pleased at the presentation and the tastes. This is not any typical Mexican restaurant, this is what I call gourmet Mexican food. Almost every time I have gone I love each dish it is hard for me to recommend just one thing. I do always like to enjoy the Guacamole freshly made at the table. I do know my favorite cocktail is by far the "Pomegranate Frozen Margarita"! Do try this drink!
Besito's won BEST of LONG ISLAND 2012 - for Mexican, Margarita, & Mojito. So this truely means you can't go wrong making a reservation here. Reservations can easly be made at http://www.opentable.com/
For more info on Besito's visit their website - https://www.besitomex.com/