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Friday, February 1, 2013

Meet Our Neighbor - "Jack's Shack" in Glen Head

Welcome to the “Meet Our Neighbor” series. Each month I will feature one of our fabulous North Shore business neighbors. This month, Jack’s Shack in Glen Head nourishes us with food for thought.

Almost 20 years ago, Jack’s Shack owner Willie Degel had a vision to open a steakhouse like no other. His restaurant would serve only the highest quality products and would provide uncompromising service.
Degel’s dream was first realized as a small store front restaurant fondly named Uncle Jacks Steakhouse in Bayside, Queens. He paid fanatical attention to detail and tweaked the menu until it was perfect. Service was elevated to an art form, with captains anticipating every need and whim to create an unprecedented dining experience. The restaurant was an immediate success with an A-list of customers including local sports stars, celebrities and politicians. Today, there are several Uncle Jack’s Steakhouses in New York City and Degel has received many awards and glowing reviews and is a star on the Food Network’s Restaurant Stakeout.

Residing in Old Brookville, Degel decided to open another restaurant concept and to open it locally with a focus on “helping his community grow by creating more jobs in the area,” says spokeswoman Navjit Sandhu, “and ultimately aiding in the growth of the town.”

Enter Jack’s Shack, Degel’s “baby” in Glen Head. Open just a little more than a year, the restaurant now employs 25 employees and serves Long Islanders “a healthy meal at an affordable price.”

Degel is very passionate about changing the way America eats and Jack’s Shack has given birth to a community emphasis on healthy, fresh food from identified, reputable sources in a setting that is primarily made from reclaimed or recycled ‘green’ building materials. “ This all natural, organic, casual eatery offers a healthier alternative to fast food, which appeals to the now more health conscious masses,” says Sandhu.

Wait, but who’s Jack? The restaurant is named after Degel’s late great-uncle Jack. In the late 1930’s, Degel’s uncle owned a restaurant in New York City, which was very popular with the locals. While growing up, Degel was regaled by tales of his Uncle and became fascinated by the man which got him to dreaming of one day owning a restaurant himself.

Jack's Shack's menu reaches across tastes and budgets with tacos, salads, sandwiches, soups and, the ever-popular Big Jack Burger, "a juicy cut of meat that has a lot of flavor and everone seems to love it."
We want our customers to know they “are in safe hands,” says Sandhu, “and, in a short amount of time, we’ve built a reputation for our honesty. A lot of times, restaurants use ‘mystery ingredients,’ but at the Shack, everything is out in the open. We only use the freshest fruits and veggies and only Grade A meat.”

The menu is always evolving 'to fit the needs of our customers," says Sandhu. "Chef Dan is very creative and always puts a fun spin on the food, expecially weekly specials."
Health-conscious customers line up for the salads, grilled chicken and fresh fruit and veggie smoothies. “Smoothies are especially popular with children,” says Sandhu. “It’s really great to see the children choose our smoothies over soda. We love that we are contributing to their good health.”
“We have all been blessed with this beautiful planet, it is our duty to keep it clean and preserved for future generations,” says Sandhu. “We now have resources to help our planet, and it is very important that we pitch in and do so.” Hopefully Degel’s enthusiasm spreads and “we all start becoming a little more careful,” she says.
It starts in the community. "The businesses around the Shack have been very friendly toward us," says Sandhu. "Gem Craft Boutique and Extravagant Realty have been so welcoming and more than helpful and we are lucky to have such caring neighbors. We look forward to a long lasting friendship with them."