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Friday, March 29, 2013

"Relay for Life" of the North Shore - June 1st 2013

What exactly is Relay for Life and why join? Relay for Life is all about communities across the globe coming together to honor cancer survivors, to remember lost loved ones, and to fight back against a disease that has already taken too much. The funds we raise truly make a difference in the fight against cancer – just ask one of the nearly 14 million cancer survivors who will celebrate another birthday this year! Relay teams camp out overnight and take turns walking and running around a track or path at local high schools, parks, and fairgrounds. Relay for Life events are 24 hours because cancer never sleeps.

If you’ve ever been told, “You have cancer,” we are honored to invite you to attend your local Relay for Life event. As a cancer survivor, you’ll be a distinguished Guest of Honor, cheered on by your community. Cancer patient caregivers are also honored for their support at Relay for Life events. So, whether you’re a survivor or a caregiver, becoming involved in your local Relay for Life will introduce you to others who are facing the same challenges, and provide opportunities for learning, sharing, and friendship. 
2012 Survivors Dinner
Gem Craft Boutique's owner, Deborah Orgel Gordon, was eager to jump in and help Relay for Life raise money for American Cancer Society. “My mom has beat breast cancer twice and many other family members and friends have been stricken by cancer over the years,” she says. “I felt it was time to help.” Deborah’s popular shop, Gem Craft Boutique, located in Glen Head, will once again, raise money for the Relay event, with a percentage of the proceeds going to ACS at her fundraiser event on April 9th at Gem Craft Boutique.  “This year, I hope to reach out even more to the community to make them aware of fundraisers, like Relay for Life.”

You can donate to Deborah’s ACS page at http://main.acsevents.org/goto/DeborahOrgelGordon
For more details on Gem Craft Boutique's - April 9th Fundraiser please click here

Meet Our Neighbor: Power Fitness - Long Island Businesses

I am excited to feature this month's "Meet Our Neighbor" series. Each month, I spotlight one of our fabulous North Shore business neighbors. This month, we have a workout with Power Fitness

To ring in a new century of fitness, lifetime Glen Head resident, Justin Miller, did one of his favorite things. He took action and opened Power Fitness in his hometown in January, 2000.
“When I was 19 years old, an amazing man named Tony Robbins indirectly saved my life,” says Miller. “Someone who worked for Robbins literally pulled me from a car wreck, brought me to the hospital and saved my life. He handed my mom his business card in the ER. We lost that card and I never got a chance to thank him but, as a result, I took interest in, and began to study, Tony Robbins.”

Miller actually started out in the fitness business as a personal trainer when he was just 16 years old, after answering a help wanted ad for front desk help at a small gym in Syosset. “The owner was impressed with my knowledge and made me a personal trainer. I have expanded on that knowledge over the last 24 years of my life with many athletic achievements, certifications and working with thousands of people to help them improve their lives through fitness.”

What’s behind the name, “Power Fitness?” Miller explains: “Tony Robbins defines ‘power’ as the ability to take action. It’s one thing to know what to do but it’s another thing to do what you know. The power in our lives comes from taking action.”

Robbins wasn’t Miller’s only inspiration for lunging into the fitness business. “Jack LaLanne is my idol,” says Miller, “and before he died, I promised him I would carry on his life’s work.”

What Miller loves most about the fitness business is “the ability to make a positive contribution to people’s lives, often in very dramatic ways. Power Fitness is a warm place that cares about your results and wants you to come use the facility and make positive improvements in your life. This increases our energy here as well.”
Miller does not necessarily subscribe to all the latest and greatest fitness fads. “No need to reinvent the wheel,” he says. “Results always come down to the basics and fundamentals and following through.”
In fact, Miller says, “The most important piece of equipment at Power Fitness is called ‘inspiration,’ and it’s a powerful one. It can change your life and the lives of those around you.”
It’s hard not to be inspired at Power Fitness with more than 400 inspirational quotes lining the walls and equipment. “We have quotes everywhere,” he says. “In fact, we have more quotes than any other gym anywhere in the world,” says Miller. “Sometimes people come in just to read the positive quotes on the walls, floors, ceiling and equipment. It’s funny, but I love it, it makes me feel like all the positive energy is getting out there in the community and our world.”