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Hi, I am Deborah and "I LOVE NYC". I was lucky enough to move back for 2 years 2010-2012 and lived like a tourist in NYC for those two years in the Hudson Yards area at 505W37. Right now I reside on Long Island but stay at different hotels in NYC a few times a year. I hope to move back soon.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Glen Cove Chamber & helping the community!

As Media & Communications Manager of Extravagant Realty www.extravagantrealty.com I attended our first Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce meeting last night.

Every month a member of the Chamber of Commerce hosts the meeting. This month after the meeting we were offered a tour of this memorial museum. "The Holocaust Memorial" is located in Welwyn Preserve. The surrounding area astonishing, though it was a bit to early to enjoy the blooming of spring. The history of the Holocaust is set up in 7 rooms of the mansion, displaying photo's to actual film coverage you can tour the history and learn facts about the Holocaust. Also they have a "Tolerance Center" which is teaching the lessons of the Holocaust to fight intolerance and bullying. Here is the link to their website to visit for more information & hours http://www.holocaust-nassau.org/
I would also like to mention that they will be having their annual "Tolerance Benefit & Auction" on Tuesday, May 8th at "The Crest Hollow Country Club" in Woodbury 6:30p-9:30p https://www.holocaust-nassau.org/events/upcoming-events/211-tolerance-auction and they have many other events you can view on their website.

The meeting starts off with introductions, and then Mrs. Jane Suozzi, wife of the mayor Ralph Suozzi spoke about a fundraiser she is working on to raise money for another great organization located in Glen Cove called "The Inn". http://www.the-inn.org/programs/soup-kitchens.html Mrs. Suozzi wants to raise money to feed 50 families for her 50th Birthday. "The Inn' is a soup kitchen which provides food for over 400,000 people per year. I will update this blog further on how to donate for this specific fundraiser when we obtain the detailed info.

Last but not least, the "Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club" was there to announce their annual "Spring Home Sale" which will be on Friday, May 19th from 10-4pm. Donations acceptance dates are Saturday, May 12-Thursday, May 17th (excluding Sun. May 13) from 10-2pm. They are accepting like new saleable items only. Items accepted are Furniture, Rugs, Lamps, Antiques, Artwork & frame, Home Decor, Kitchen appliances & accessories, Glass & tableware, Bed Frames & bedding, Window Treatments, Holiday decorations, Children's gear, spouting equipment & bicycles. (They are NOT accepting - books, clothing, toys, Tv & electronics, computers & monitors) For more info you can visit http://www.glencovebgc.org/

I was happy to see how the community comes together at the "Glen Cove Chamber of Commerce" You can obtain more info on the Chamber at their website at http://www.glencovechamber.org/

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring has Sprung in Glen Head

I live in a small little town on the North Shore of Nassau County called "Glen Head". When someone asks me "Where do you live"? I will respond "Glen Head" and then get a look of confusion because most people have not heard of it. Well if you have not heard of it, it is sandwiched in between Roslyn, Sea Cliff & Brookville. Its a quiet small town near some really nice North Shore Beaches. Many families raise their kids here and then their kids raise their kids here.
I highly recommend living here and if you are interested in moving here, I recommend contacting Extravagant Realty located in Glen Head at 15 Glen Head Rd., Glen Head, NY - 516-232-8885
For twitter updates on Glen Head follow - @GlenHeadBuzz
Here is a view of one of the blocks of the town, I was sitting there enjoying a Ralph's Ice and as I looked over I saw "Spring has Sprung" in Glen Head.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Pet Peeve of the Month

People that drive on their cell phone!!!
This is a before picture....
This is the after photo...........people hang up! Save your life and someone else's life!!

Can you guess where this house is?

This is one of my favorite homes on Long Island. Can you guess which town it is in?